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Play Better Pickleball

Wherever you are in your pickleball journey, Advanced Pickleball can help

Why Do I Need Coaching?

Do you play pickleball? Do you love playing pickleball? Stupid question, of course you do.  Would playing better pickleball increase your enjoyment? We all want to get better and enjoy our passions.

If you’ve started playing recently and want to feel a little more confident on court, been playing a while and want to add some new dimensions to your play or you’re serious now and want to learn what advanced 4.0 and higher players do, our team is here to help you. Whatever your goals, we can support you to reach them.

How do we do it?

There’s a number of ways we can support you as a player, group or club. Click below to find out more about 1-2-1 lessons, small groups, clinics (both off the shelf and bespoke) and our unique benchmarking product, PlayRate. We even run festivals with coaching, drills and fun games as part of the day.

PlayRate: our unique pickleball benchmarking tool


Personal coaching from our team


Small groups, clinics and events


Benchmark your game with our coaches

“If you’re in the South and want to take your players to 4.0 and beyond, Rob is who you need.”

Lou Stephens

“Rob has a very intelligent pickleball brain. His tactical awareness and attention to detail allows him to compete with the best pickleball athletes in Europe.”

Ed Hares

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