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Proud sponsors of the Franklin Premier Pickleball League

Advanced Pickleball is a proud sponsor of the Franklin Premier Pickleball League, which is the first professional pickleball league of its type in the UK. Rob is also the main commentator for the league.

Advanced Pickleball has also partnered with leading brands in the Pickleball industry and can offer you discounts on a range of products.

Our founder was the first player/coach in Europe to partner with Diadem Sports for pickleball. If you are in the UK, reach out to him via email if you are interested in any of their range of products.

Forsport CBD offer CBD, nootropics and recovery products for every level of pickleball player. Their products are WADA approved and batch tested to ensure there is 0% THC in the products. Use code PICKLEBALL15 from the link here or the image above to save 15% on your purchase.

Precision Hydration are a brand Rob has used for many years, finding their hypotonic drink sachets/tablets perfect for his needs and curing his migraines caused by dehydration. Reach out again and we can provide you with a discount code.